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24 hours in Sofia city

The number of the air-carriers that travel to Sofia has seriously increased in the last decade and this lead to an increased number of travelers that visit the city for a short break or a long weekend. Some of these travelers have only 24 hours to see the landmarks of the Bulgarian capital before they head to the various seaside and mountainous resorts that the country offers. Even if not completely enough for exploring Sofia, the time is suitable for checking the main sites and landmarks of the city.

Among the must-see places that this old city hides are the recently opened Sofia Largo with its impressive open-air architectural complex combined with the glass covered zone which reveal the rich agrological sites. The other places nearby that deserve the attention include the triangle formed by the Orthodox Church St. Nedelya, the Banya Bashi Mosque and the Sofia Synagogue – all situated within walking distance from each other.

The City Garden in Sofia

Further to be seen nearby is the Presidency and the change of guards that happens there, as well as the nearby building of the Parliament and the beautiful golden domes of Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The region is also abundant in art galleries, theatres and museums. The parks around the center of the city are also many – all nicely maintained and pleasant to relax at.

In case you are in some shopping, there are many boutiques along the main streets in the center. Special attention is to be paid to Vitosha Blvd., which is a pedestrian area. On both sides of the street are to be found numerous shops, as well as outdoor cafes and restaurants.

In the evening you can visit a theatrical performance at one of the many theatres, visit a concert or a ballet. Later at night can be found many bars and pubs, live music clubs and disco clubs.