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Sofia Largo To Be Opened Today

The architectural complex "Serdica" will be open today, forming the largest underground museum in the country and presenting three districts of the Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Serdica, located at the so called Sofia Largo, at the very heart of the Bulgarian capital. One of the biggest attractions at the Largo will be the main street of the Ancient Town – Dekumanus Maximus, which comes with well-preserved authentic pavement. It is believed that at least two Roman Emperors have been welcomed triumphantly after winning glorious battles.

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Nearby could be seen a preserved residential part of the Roman city with original parts of the water sewerage system and the underground heating of the homes. At the end of the complex is to be seen a nicely preserved mosaic as well. The period of the Bulgarian Empire in the Middle Ages will also be represented with the remains of a church and a medieval inn.


The square of the Largo will cover 4 850 sq.m. and will expose various architecture structures. The zone under Maria Louisa Blvd. will cover an area of 3150 sq.m. and will act as an archeological museum. The open-air archeological zone between Maria Louisa Blvd. and the Central Department Store will cover 7000 sq.m. The point where the two main streets of Ancient Serdica meet - Dekumanus Maximus and Kardo Maximus shows the very heart and center of the city which has remain such for more than 2000 years.

Under the glass dome between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers will be formed a special stage in front of the Ancient Serdica remnants for various cultural events and a zone for the public (capacity for 1000 people). The acoustics of the stage is excellent. This zone of the Largo will be served by two elevators.