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5 Things To Know When Visiting Sofia

Sofia is a very old city, but only in the last decade became a popular sightseeing destination among the travelers and a tempting weekend getaway for the tourists. The capital of Bulgaria is positioned in the western part of the Balkans and is rich in historical sites, architectural ruins and pleasant architecture.

1. Sofia is a very old city – it was founded around 7000 BC by several Thracian tribes and was ruled by many superpowers. It was constructed on Roman ruins around the first century under the name Serdica. Today, we can see some recently restored but well-kept Roman ruins, Amphitheatre and a Roman theatre in the zone near St. Sofia Church. Through the years the city changed and so did its name to Sredets, then Triaditsa and then Sofia. The city was announced a capital of Bulgaria in 1870 two years after the country was liberated by the Russians from five centuries under Turkish rule. Beautifully standing at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, today Sofia is a great destination for a family trip or a weekend with friends as it offers everything that one can possibly look for.

2. Religious tolerance - in the very heart of the city of Sofia, within distance of less than 400 meters there are to be found a church, a mosque and a synagogue. Saint Nedelya Church is totally impressive with beautiful murals. Only 2 min walk from it is to be seen the 15th century Buyuk-Djarna Mosque, as well as Sofia Synagogue which is among the largest in the country. In the center is also to be seen Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, famous for its golden domes. In the outskirts of the city, is positioned the 13th century historic church of Boyana.

Doctor's Garden in the heart of Sofia

3. Culture – Bulgarians are very clever, after all they have invented the Cyrillic Alphabet which is quite complex, right? The locals are friendly, they love to attend various cultural events – theatres, musical performances and art exhibits. The center of the city is full of interesting cultural and architectural sites – Sofia University, the theatres along Rakovska Str., the National Gallery with the National Library to the opposite.

4. The food – the Bulgarian cuisine is very, very tasty! The city of Sofia has various dining places – some serving traditional meals from the local cuisine, others – offering fusion and Mediterranean dishes. Visitors should also try the Bulgarian yogurt, which is a trademark of the country.

5. The nightlife – the city of Sofia is famous with its busy nightlife. The center is dotted with restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs with live music and huge modern disco clubs. The music is great, the alcohol is cheap and the locals know how to enjoy themselves until the early morning hours. So, whatever you feel like doing – you can have it here, so just enjoy your stay.