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9 Curious Things About Bulgaria

If you have never been to Bulgaria, may be it is time to plan a trip! The country has much to offer – long ski runs with sufficient snow coverage, fantastic beaches of fine sand, charming little villages and lovely cities. Check some interesting facts that we have collected here to give you even more reasons to book your flight and accommodation to Bulgaria.
1. Established in 681 AD, Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and the only one to keep its original name.

2. The oldest gold in the world was found on the territory of the country and is proven to be more than 6000 years old.

3. The ancient Bulgarian calendar was declared the most accurate in the world by UNESCO specialists.

4. The Bulgarian Army has never lost a flag during a battle and has managed to protect its Jewish citizens during the Nazi regime of World War II. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

5. The Bulgarians Cyril and Methodius, Christian missionaries, invented the Cyrillic alphabet, which is still used today. The Cyrillic alphabet is among the official alphabets of the EU.

Bulgarian Rose

6. Bulgaria is famous for its roses, which give 86% of the world’ rose oil quantities, used in the production of perfumes.

7. The Bulgarian yogurt needs no advertising – thanks to the unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria found only here, the yogurt has excellent taste, favor and consistency.

8. Bulgarians have invented the first electronic digital computer, the digital watch and the air bags in the car. Even the Facebook founder has a grandpa emigrant from Bulgaria.

9. When Bulgarians nod their head up and down they say ‘no’, when they shake their heads horizontally they say ‘yes’. Remember that to stay out of confusing situations!