Apartments for rent in Sofia

Save your time and money for your Sofia accommodation for any periods of stay. List of offers t and big range of luxury sericed Sofia apartments both in the center and in selected districts.  We offer flexible solutions for all kinds of rent periods in Sofia, Bulgaria . Thank you for using our services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the location of the apartments that you offer?
A:There are three basic types of locations. First there are the apartments in the city center. They are within walking distance to most of the city's attractions, landmarks, clubs etc. Secondly there are the near center apartments. They are close to the city center often within walking distance to it but you might need a taxi if you want to reach some parts of the center. Thirdly there are the apartments located in the suburbs. They are a bit farther from the center and you will have to use either taxi or public transport so as to go to the city's center. These apartments are not farther than 30 to 40 min by public transport.

Q: How can I pay?
A: You can pay by means of bank transfer, credit card or cash upon arrival. For more information about our banking details or any other related information please contact us at

Q: Do you have any discounts?
A: We offer a number of discounts to our customers. Firstly there is a discount if you stay for more than 7 nights. Still bigger discounts are available if you stay more than a month. If you are a regular customer you will also get a discount.

Q: How often is the cleaning service in the apartments?
A: For short term bookings(less than 30 days) there is maid service every 3 days. For longer reservations we offer maid service upon agreement.

Q: Where should I go in Sofia. How is the night life?
A: There is a number of landmarks that you can visit in day time. There are a number of night clubs and bars where you can have fun at night. For the latest information about what is going on in the city please ask our staff upon arrival.

Q: How can I park my car in Sofia?
A: If you are coming by car it is a good idea to tell us so that we could help you with an apartment where you ca park easily. It is safe to park your car at the streets in Sofia but if you park in a paid parking sometimes you can save a lot of time. There are paid parking around the city so just ask and we will guide you to the closest.

Q: Where can I have a snack?
A: There are many restaurants inc. fast food in Sofia. They range from McDonald's and KFC to traditional Bulgarian restaurants to Lebanese, Indian, Chinese etc. restaurants. In a range of 10 min on foot to every apartment there is also a grocery shop so that you can prepare something yourself.