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Save your time and money for your Sofia accommodation for any periods of stay. List of offers t and big range of luxury sericed Sofia apartments both in the center and in selected districts.  We offer flexible solutions for all kinds of rent periods in Sofia, Bulgaria . Thank you for using our services

Sofia Airport to upgrade category

Sofia airport has been granted a 3A category, meaning that airplanes could land with a visibility a slow as 200 meters. After its renovation the airport in Sofia had a category 1 permitting lending of airplanes with visibility of 550 meters or more. The Transport Ministry then had established a...

Published on: 25.11.2008
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Almost 7 % increase in the prices of the Sofia apartments

The prices of the Sofia apartments have gone up with 6.7 % for the last three months, according to information provided by the National Statistics Institute. This means that Sofia remains the most expensive city in terms of realties, if compared with the rest of the Bulgarian cities. The...

Sofia apartments rental market: new trends in autumn 2008

Contrary to the sales market in the capital which is slowing down, the rental market in Sofia is characterized with a stable growth and the prognosis are for increasing of the interest towards rents in the next few years. Today, many people feel more secure to rent an apartment than to take a...

Investment vs. Rent: Sofia apartments prognosis. Sofia property sales and rental predictions.

If planning to settle down or at least to spend more than a year in a certain city always brings up the question of property investment. This process is connected with a larger front-end financing and a longer purchase process but the efforts are worth it, as such an investment brings security,...

Sofia City attracts many tourists and most of the foreign direct investments

Recent research showed that the Bulgarian capital Sofia has attracted almost eighty per cent of all foreign investments made in the period 2007 – 2008. At the same time Sofia provides more than thirty per cent of the Bulgarian GDP and enjoys an economic growth of fifteen per cent each...

Published on: 11.11.2008
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In search of luxury and high standard rental apartments in Sofia

The real estate and the rental market in Sofia have changed significantly in the past two decades. The identical panel blocks that were surrounded by small gardens are now replaced by gated complexes abundant in greenery and equipped with all facilities one could think of. The demand for a better...